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      Teleaudiometria: um método de baixo custo para triagem auditiva 

      Campêlo, Victor Eulálio Sousa (2009)
      Introdução: Os benefícios da triagem auditiva neonatal e em escolares têm sido bem demonstrados, porém a disponibilização de programas de triagem auditiva tem sido restrita aos grandes centros, devido à escassez de ...
    • Dissertação de Mestrado 

      Telemetria de resposta neural: repercussões dos fatores etiológicos e no reconhecimento de fala após o implante coclear 

      Guedes, Mariana Cardoso (2007)
      INTRODUÇÃO: O Potencial de Ação Composto Evocado Eletricamente(PACEE) é a medida da atividade sincrônica das fibras neurais eliciadas pelo implante coclear. O potencial é registrado diretamente da cóclea, utilizando os ...
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      Teleprogramação dos sistemas de implante coclear 

      Samuel, Paola Angelica (2015)
      Objetivos: Verificar a efetividade da teleprogramação em pacientes usuários de IC comparando os resultados audiológicos do IC e os parâmetros da programação nas condições remota e presencial; verificar a qualidade de ...
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      Tempo de fechamento faríngeo correlacionado com consistências, volumes, gênero e idade em videoendoscopia da deglutição 

      Lemos, Elza Maria (2011)
      O peristaltismo constritor é um dos principais componentes da fase faríngea da deglutição. Foram estudados os efeitos das consistências e volumes de alimento ofertado sobre a duração do fechamento faríngeo (white-out) por ...
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      Temporomandibular Joint Pathology 

      Emes, Yusuf (IntechOpen, 2018)
      Dental practitioners face a large number of patients seeking help for pain and loss of function in their temporomandibular joint and related structures. This book consists of eight chapters by authors who would like to ...
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      The Cochlea 

      Dallos, Peter; Popper, Arthur N.; Fay, Richard R. (Springer, New York, NY, 1996)
      Knowledge about the structure and function of the inner ear is vital to an understanding of vertebrate hearing. This volume presents a detailed overview of the mammalian cochlea from its anatomy and physiology to its ...
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      The Human Auditory System 

      Hatzopoulos, Stavros (IntechOpen, 2020)
      This book presents the latest findings in clinical audiology with a strong emphasis on new emerging technologies that facilitate and optimize a better assessment of the patient. The book has been edited with a strong ...
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      The Mammalian Cochlear Nuclei 

      Merchán, Miguel A.; Juiz, José M.; Godfrey, Donald A.; Mugnaini, Enrico (Springer, Boston, MA, 1993)
      The presence of sophisticated auditory processing in mammals has permitted perhaps the most significant evolutionary development in humans: that of language. An understanding of the neural basis of hearing is thus a starting ...
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      The Management of Voice Disorders 

      Morrison, Murray; Rammage, Linda; Nichol, Hamish; Pullan, Bruce; May, Phillip; Salkeld, Lesley (Springer, Boston, MA, 1994)
      There has been a tremendous growth of interest in the human voice and its disorders during the past decade. This has led to the development of a variety of 'voice labs' or 'voice clinics' that are able to offer unique ...
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      The naïve language expert: How infants discover units and regularities in speech 

      Mueller, Jutta L; Männel, Claudia (Frontiers Media SA, 2013)
      The advent of behavior-independent measures of cognition and major progress in experimental designs have led to substantial advances in the investigation of infant language learning mechanisms. Research in the last two ...
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      The Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses 

      Navarro, João A. C.; Navarro, João de Lima; Navarro, Paulo de Lima (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2001)
      The evolution of microscopic and endoscopic surgery of the nose was made possible due to the detailed knowledge acquired by anatomists and surgeons on the macro- and microanatomy of this region. Unveiling the complex ...
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      The Neurobiology of Olfaction 

      Menini, Anna (Frontiers in Neuroscience, 2010)
      The common belief is that human smell perception is much reduced compare to other mammals, so that whatever abilities are uncovered and investigated in animal research would have little significance for humans. However, ...
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      Thyroid and Parathyroid Diseases 

      Ward, Laura (IntechOpen, 2012)
      This book was designed to meet the requirements of all who wish to acquire profound knowledge of basic, clinical, psychiatric and laboratory concepts as well as surgical techniques regarding thyroid and parathyroid glands. ...
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      Thyroid Cancer 

      Ahmadzadehfar, Hojjat (IntechOpen, 2016)
      Thyroid cancer is the eighth most common type of cancer and is most frequently diagnosed among people aged 45-54. Nearly three out of four cases are found in women, while about 2% of thyroid cancers occur in children and ...
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      Tinnitus: Facts, Theories, and Treatments 

      Committee on Hearing, Bioacoustics, and Biomechanics, National Research Council (National Academy Press, 1982)
      Hearing sounds that do not originate in the world outside the body is an experience that probably every human has at one time or another in life. The sounds heard range from popping and clicking to intermittent roaring and ...
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      Tracheal Intubation 

      Erbay, Rıza Hakan (IntechOpen, 2018)
      Endotracheal intubation is a mandatory practice in the anesthesiologic management of surgical procedures, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, life-saving procedures in the emergency department, and medical procedures, and it ...
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      Tradução, adaptação cultural e validação do Tinnitus Primary Function Questionnaire e tradução e adaptação cultural do Iowa Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire 

      Coradini, Patricia Pérez (Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Medicina, 2022-04-12)
      INTRODUÇÃO: Tendo em vista a elevada prevalência do zumbido na população, assim como sua subjetividade, instrumentos para avaliação, auxílio na conduta terapêutica e seguimento de pacientes com zumbido são cruciais. ...
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      Traumatology of the Skull Base 

      Samii, M.; Brihaye, J. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1983)
      As a result of its structure, the skull base forms a borderline between different medi­ cal and surgical specialties. Nevertheless, the pathology of the skull may involve crossing these boundaries. Consequently, treatment ...
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      Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults 

      Minnesota Health Technology Advisory Committee (Minnesota Department of Health, 2001)
      This assessment outlines diagnostic and treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the most common type of sleep-disordered breathing.Information provided in this assessment is limited to OSA in adults and should ...
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      Trends in Hearing 

      Sage Publications Inc.