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      Saliva and Salivary Diagnostics 

      Sridharan, Gokul (IntechOpen, 2019)
      Salivary diagnostics have advanced exponentially in the past decade. Saliva collection is easy and non-invasive and allows for detecting a myriad of biomarkers, making it a promising diagnostic tool. Salivary analytes have ...
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      Salivary Glands 

      Güvenç, Işıl Adadan (IntechOpen, 2019)
      Saliva is a complex fluid that maintains oral health and has many physiological functions. It is a noninvasive diagnostic fluid as well. Lately, salivary diagnostics has proven its potential to reach clinical practice in ...
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      Science of Olfaction 

      Serby, Michael J.; Chobor, Karen L. (Springer, New York, NY, 1992)
      A book such as this one necessarily entails the effort of many individuals. Its first seed was a workshop in 1988 that one of us (K. L. C. ) designed and directed at the City University of New York Graduate Center as part ...
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      Screening for Speech and Language Delay in Preschool Children 

      Nelson, Heidi D; Nygren, Peggy; Walker, Miranda; Panoscha, Rita (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US), 2006)
      Speech and language development is a useful initial indicator of a child's overall development and cognitive ability. Identification of children at risk for delay may lead to interventions, increasing chances for improvement. ...
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      Selected Topics in Facial Nerve Disorders 

      Al-Zwaini, Isam Jaber (IntechOpen, 2019)
      The facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve) is the nerve of facial expression. It innervates all superficial muscles of the face and scalp, the contraction of which is responsible for all our numerous facial expressions like ...
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      Selected Topics in Plastic Reconstructive Surgery 

      Stefan Danilla (IntechOpen, 2012)
      Plastic Surgery is a fast evolving surgical specialty. Although best known for cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery also involves reconstructive and aesthetic procedures, which very often overlap, aiming to restore ...
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      Seminars in Dysphagia 

      Speyer, Renee (IntechOpen, 2015)
      Seminars in Dysphagia provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary issues in the field of dysphagia assessment, treatment and management in diverse subject populations. Expert views are shared by international clinical ...
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      Seminários em Otorrinolaringologia 

      Bento, Ricardo Ferreira; Bittencourt, Aline Gomes; Voegels, Richard Louis (Fundação Otorrinolaringologia, 2013)
      O livro Seminários em Otorrinolaringologia sintetiza resumos produzidos por todos os residentes da Disciplina de Clínica Otorrinolaringológica da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo (FMUSP). São revistos os ...
    • Tese de Doutorado 

      Sensibilidade e especificidade do nistagmo de privação vertebrobasilar, angiorressonância magnética e Doppler transcraniano no diagnóstico da insuficiência vertebrobasilar relacionada à tontura 

      Lima Neto, Arlindo Cardoso (2017)
      Objetivo: Determinar a sensibilidade e a especificidade da pesquisa do nistagmo de privação vertebrobasilar (PNPVB), Angiorressonância magnética (AngioRM), investigação ultrassonográfica cervical e Doppler transcraniano ...
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      Sensors and Sensory Systems for an Electronic Nose 

      Gardner, Julian W.; Bartlett, Philip N. (Springer, Dordrecht, 1992)
      Sensors and Sensory Systems for an Electronic Nose reviews the current state of progress in the development of an electronic instrument capable of olfaction. The instrument -- the so-called electronic nose -- has enormous ...
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      Sinais e sintomas vestibulares em pacientes que receberam tratamento com drogas derivadas da platina 

      Deutschmann, Sandra Maria (2016)
      A toxicidade vestibular pode ser definida como danos que uma substância química causa sobre a estrutura e a função vestibular. Entre as drogas que podem causar a vestibulotoxicidade estão os agentes antineoplásicos como ...
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      Sino-Nasal and Olfactory System Disorders 

      Heinbockel, Thomas; Gendeh, Balwant Singh (IntechOpen, 2021-10-21)
      Our sense of smell is of critical importance in our daily lives and it contributes to our personal wellbeing and safety as well as communication with others. However, it is only when disease or injury impairs its function ...
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      Sleep and its Disorders Affect Society 

      Idzikowski, Chris (IntechOpen, 2014)
      This book consists of a diverse set of topics which cover not only the predominant interests in sleep medicine such as sleep apnoea but also the more esoteric areas such as forensic sleep medicine. The chapters provide ...
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      Sleep Apnea 

      Vats, Mayank (IntechOpen, 2017)
      Sleep medicine is developing rapidly with more than 100 sleep disorders discovered till now. Despite that, sleep specialty is in neonatal stage especially in developing and underdeveloped countries. Sleep medicine is still ...
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      Sleep Disorders 

      Idzikowski, Chris (IntechOpen, 2012)
      For progress to be maintained in a clinical field like sleep medicine, unimpeded, unrestricted access to data and the advances in clinical practice should be available. The reason why this book is exciting is that it breaks ...
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      Sonoendoscopia durante sono natural comparada com sonoendoscopia durante sono induzido com propofol 

      Ordones, Alexandre Beraldo (2018)
      INTRODUÇÃO: A sonoendoscopia é um método propedêutico útil para identificação do sítio de colapso da via aérea superior (VAS) nos pacientes que apresentam Síndrome da Apneia Obstrutiva do Sono (SAOS). Atualmente tem sido ...
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      Speech and Language Technologies 

      Ipsic, Ivo (IntechOpen, 2011)
      This book addresses state-of-the-art systems and achievements in various topics in the research field of speech and language technologies. Book chapters are organized in different sections covering diverse problems, which ...
    • Artigo 

      Speech Recognition of Cochlear Implant Users Inside a Noisy Helicopter Environment. 

      Caldeira, Juliana Maria Araujo; Goffi-Gomez, Maria Valéria Schmidt; Imamura, Rui; Bento, Ricardo Ferreira (Audiol Neurootol. 2019 Apr 5;24(1):32-37. doi: 10.1159/000497031., 2019-04)
      In this study, we tested whether the speech recognition, through radio communications, of cochlear implant (CI) users inside a noisy helicopter cockpit is adequate for safe flight. Method: Speech recognition tests (sentences, ...
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      Squamous Cell Carcinoma 

      Li, Xiaoming (IntechOpen, 2012)
      This book points to some new areas for investigation on squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). Firstly, the features and management of some specific SCC is discussed to give the readers the general principles in dealing with these ...
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      Stem Cells from Human Exfoliated Deciduous Teeth (SHED) Differentiate in vivo and Promote Facial Nerve Regeneration. 

      Pereira, Larissa Vilela; Bento, Ricardo Ferreira; Cruz, Dayane B.; Marchi, Claudia; Salomone, Raquel; Oiticicca, Jeanne; Costa, Marcio Paulino; Haddad, Luciana A.; Mingroni-Netto, Regina Celia; Costa, Heloisa Juliana Zabeu Rossi (Cell Transplant. 2019 Jan;28(1):55-64. Doi: 10.1177/0963689718809090., 2019-01)
      Post-traumatic lesions with transection of the facial nerve present limited functional outcome even after repair by gold-standard microsurgical techniques. Stem cell engraftment combined with surgical repair has been ...