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      Diagnostic Imaging of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses 

      Lloyd, Glyn A. S. (Springer, London, 1988)
      In the past two decades the radiological investigation and imaging of paranasal sinus disease has been revolutionised by the introduction of two new techniques: magnetic resonance and computerised tomography. These have ...
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      Contribuição para o Estudo da Anastomose do Nervo Facial: Comparação Entre o Adesivo Tecidual Fibrínico e a Sutura Epineural Estudo Experimental em Gatos 

      Bento, Ricardo Ferreira (Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Medicina, 1988)
      O trabalho objetivou o estudo da anastomose do nervo facial intratemporal de gatos. Comparou-se os resultados clínicos, eletrofisiológicos e histológicos do uso de adesivo tecidual fibrínico, sutura epineural e união ...
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      Surgery of the Skull Base 

      Samii, Madjid; Draf, Wolfgang; Lang, Johannes (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1989)
      The region of the skull base was long considered a surgical barrier because of its complex anatomy. With few exceptions, the region immediately beyond the dura or bony skull base constituted a "no man's land" for the surgeon ...
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      Cochlear Mechanisms: Structure, Function, and Models 

      Wilson, J. P.; Kemp, D. T. (Springer, Boston, MA, 1989)
      Great advances have been made in understanding hearing in recent years. In particular, the mechanical function of the cochlea has become the focus of intense interest. This started in one direction, with the discovery of ...
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      Ear, Nose and Throat Disease 

      Gibbin, Kevin P.; Bradley, Patrick J. (Springer, London, 1989)
      This book was conceived as a means of learning by inquiring-self testing carried out conscientiously is an effective way of acquiring knowledge. A wrongly answered question should stimulate the examinee to return to his ...
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      Acquired Speech and Language Disorders 

      Murdoch, B. E. (Springer, Boston, MA, 1990)
      The stimulus for writing this book arose from the author's perception of a lack of available texts which adequately integrate the subjects of neuroanatomy and functional neurology with the practice of speech­ language ...
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      Cochlear Implants: Models of the Electrically Stimulated Ear 

      Miller, Josef M.; Spelman, Francis A. (Springer, New York, NY, 1990)
      This volume describes a new direction in technological and biomedical developments for profoundly deaf individuals. The first section covers topics of tissue characteristics, such as responses to electrical stimulation and ...
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      Ménière’s Disease 

      Kitahara, Masaaki (Springer, Tokyo, 1990)
      A disease of unknown origin - this is the challenge presented by Ménière's disease and taken up by top clinicians and scientists, members and coworkers of The Vestibular Disorder Research Committee organized by The Ministry ...
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      Atlas of Ear, Nose and Throat Pathology 

      Michaels, L. (Springer, Dordrecht, 1990)
      Many pathologists have little acquaintance with ear, nose concomitant biopsy have become commonplace in the and throat pathology. Some receive few specimens from management of throat disorders. It is hoped that. by ENT ...
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      Anastomose do nervo facial (intratemporal) com adesivo tecidual fibrínico. Estudo em doentes portadores de paralisia facial traumática 

      Bento, Ricardo Ferreira (Universidade de São Paulo. Faculdade de Medicina, 1990)
      O trabalho se propõe ao estudo dos resultados obtidos pelo reparo das lesões completas do nervo facial segmento intratemporal, com o uso de adesivo tecidual fibrínico, analisando os resultados clínicos, eletrofisiológicos ...
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      MR Imaging of Laryngeal Cancer 

      Castelijns, J. A.; Snow, G. B.; Valk, J. (Springer, Dordrecht, 1991)
      MRI is assuming a dominant role in imaging of the larynx. Its superior soft tissue contrast resolution makes it ideal for differentiating invasion of tumors of the larynx from normal or more sharply circumscribed configuration ...
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      Voice Disorders and their Management 

      Fawcus, Margaret (Springer, Boston, MA, 1991)
      Since this book was first published, four years ago, there has been a considerable upsurge of interest in the field of both normal and abnormal voice production. Tangible evidence of this lies in the publication of the ...
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      Surgery of the Sellar Region and Paranasal Sinuses 

      Samii, M. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1991)
      The sellar region and paranasal sinuses constitute the anatomical sections of the skull base in which pathological entities warrant interdisciplinary management. Processes originating in the paranasal sinuses can reach and ...
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      Science of Olfaction 

      Serby, Michael J.; Chobor, Karen L. (Springer, New York, NY, 1992)
      A book such as this one necessarily entails the effort of many individuals. Its first seed was a workshop in 1988 that one of us (K. L. C. ) designed and directed at the City University of New York Graduate Center as part ...
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      Sensors and Sensory Systems for an Electronic Nose 

      Gardner, Julian W.; Bartlett, Philip N. (Springer, Dordrecht, 1992)
      Sensors and Sensory Systems for an Electronic Nose reviews the current state of progress in the development of an electronic instrument capable of olfaction. The instrument -- the so-called electronic nose -- has enormous ...
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      Language and Speech 

      Pásztor, Emil; Vajda, János; Loew, Friedrich (Springer, Vienna, 1993)
      Language and Speech has been selected for the Fifth Convention of the Academia Eurasiana Neurochirurgica as a topic closely related to neurosurgery but also to philosophy, art, culture and humanity and treated by various ...
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      The Mammalian Cochlear Nuclei 

      Merchán, Miguel A.; Juiz, José M.; Godfrey, Donald A.; Mugnaini, Enrico (Springer, Boston, MA, 1993)
      The presence of sophisticated auditory processing in mammals has permitted perhaps the most significant evolutionary development in humans: that of language. An understanding of the neural basis of hearing is thus a starting ...
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      The Management of Voice Disorders 

      Morrison, Murray; Rammage, Linda; Nichol, Hamish; Pullan, Bruce; May, Phillip; Salkeld, Lesley (Springer, Boston, MA, 1994)
      There has been a tremendous growth of interest in the human voice and its disorders during the past decade. This has led to the development of a variety of 'voice labs' or 'voice clinics' that are able to offer unique ...
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      Otitis Media with Effusion in Young Children 

      Stool, SE; Berg, AO; Berman, S; Carney, CJ; Cooley, JR; Culpepper, L; Eavey, RD; Feagans, LV; Finitzo, T; Friedman, EM (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US), 1994)
      Otitis media with effusion is one of the most common problems of infancy and early childhood and is responsible for substantial morbidity and expense. Most children will have one or more episodes during early childhood, ...
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      Deafness, Deprivation, and IQ 

      Braden, Jeffery P. (Springer, Boston, MA, 1994)
      Deafness is a "low incidence" disability and, therefore not studied or understood in the same way as other disabilities. Historically, research in deafness has been conducted by a small group of individuals who communicated ...