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      50th Anniversary of Adult Neurogenesis: Olfaction, hippocampus and beyond 

      Martinez-Marcos, Alino; Trejo, José L.; López-Mascaraque, Laura (Frontiers Media SA, 2015)
      In 1965, Altman and Das published their seminal article “Autoradiographic and histological evidence of postnatal hippocampal neurogenesis in rats” (J. Comp. Neurol., 124: 319-335). During decades, this discovery was mostly ...
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      Allergic Rhinitis 

      Kowalski, Marek (IntechOpen, 2012)
      Allergic rhinitis, while troublesome for a patient, may be also a challenge for the physician. That is why physicians must still learn more on the pathophysiology, clinical spectrum and novel diagnostic and therapeutic ...
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      Challenging Issues on Paranasal Sinuses 

      Wang, Tang-Chuan (IntechOpen, 2019)
      Management of paranasal sinus disorders is not only a test of knowledge but it is also an art form. Great progress has been made on endoscopic sinus surgery in recent decades and this technique lets us look into the remote ...
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      Contemporary Rhinoplasty 

      Farr, Sebastian Torres (IntechOpen, 2019)
      Contemporary Rhinoplasty is a very direct book that presents the procedure from different aspects, giving perspective to the audience. It describes nasal aesthetics, diagnoses, surgical planning, and the learning curve of ...
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      Diagnosis and Treatment of Uncomplicated Acute Sinusitis in Children (Supplement) 

      Lau, Joseph; Ioannidis, John P; Wald, Ellen R (Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (US), 2000)
      This report evaluates and analyzes the existing evidence for the diagnosis and treatment of acute uncomplicated sinusitis in children.
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      Diagnostic Imaging of the Nose and Paranasal Sinuses 

      Lloyd, Glyn A. S. (Springer, London, 1988)
      In the past two decades the radiological investigation and imaging of paranasal sinus disease has been revolutionised by the introduction of two new techniques: magnetic resonance and computerised tomography. These have ...
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      Electronic Noses & Sensors for the Detection of Explosives 

      Gardner, Julian W.; Yinon, Jehuda (Springer, Dordrecht, 2004)
      It begins with a review of the basic principles of an electronic nose and explores possible ways in which the detection limit of conventional electronic nose technology can be reduced to the level required for the trace ...
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      Endoscopic Anatomy of the Paranasal Sinuses 

      Hechl, Peter S.; SetliffIII, Reuben C.; Tschabitscher, Manfred (Springer, Vienna, 1997)
      For the beginner or for the accomplished sinus surgeon, mastering the anatomy of the lateral nasal wall is an ongoing challenge. Even though there are excellent standard anatomical references and equally outstanding sinus ...
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      Endoscopy of the Paranasal Sinuses 

      Draf, Wolfgang (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1983)
      The exponential explosion of diagnostic techniques that is the hallmark of Twentieth Century medicine often makes us forget that the human perceptual senses are still the simplest, most reliable, and most readily available ...
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      High-Resolution Computed Tomography of the Paranasal Sinuses and Pharynx and Related Regions 

      Maatman, Gertrude (Springer, Dordrecht, 1986)
      Computed tomography is presently reaching maturity with its high-resolution reconstruction programs, as a result of which conventional tomography has definitely been surpassed. High-resolution computed tomo­ graphy does ...
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      Management of Allergic and Nonallergic Rhinitis 

      Long, Aidan; McFadden, Caroline; DeVine, Deirdre; Chew, Priscilla; Kupelnick, Bruce; Lau, Joseph (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US), 2002)
      This report synthesizes the available evidence on the diagnosis of allergic and nonallergic rhinitis, the question of whether differentiating allergic from nonallergic rhinitis is important, the efficacy of treatments in ...
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      Management of Allergic Rhinitis in the Working-Age Population 

      McCrory, Douglas C; Williams, John W; Dolor, Rowena J; Kolimaga, Jane T; Reed, Shelby; Sundy, John; Witsell, David L (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US), 2003)
      This report assesses the evidence on how allergic rhinitis affects costs and work performance in working-age populations; the effectiveness of environmental measures, immunotherapy, and combination pharmacologic therapies; ...
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      Micro-endoscopic Surgery of the Paranasal Sinuses and the Skull Base 

      Stamm, Aldo Cassol; Draf, Wolfgang (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2000)
      The diagnosis and treatment of the diseases of the nose, paranasal sinuses and skull base have changed dramatically in the past few years, transforming rhinol­ ogy in one of most exciting and attractive medical fields. The ...
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      Miniinvasive Techniques in Rhinoplasty 

      Serdev, Nikolay (IntechOpen, 2016)
      This book is divided into two parts. The first part describes mini-invasive surgical techniques, sufficient to perform the most important tasks in rhinoplasty, such as: tip rotation and projection; closure of the open roof ...
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      Amoore, J. E.; Beets, M. G. J.; Davies, J. T.; Engen, T.; Garcia, J.; Gesteland, R. C.; Graziadei, P. P. C.; Kaissling, K.-E.; Koelling, R. A.; LeMagnen, J.; MacLeod, P.; Moulton, D. G.; Mozell, M. M.; Ottoson, D. (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1971)
      Olfaction is involved intimately in two of the most basic functions of animals: food intake and reproduction. There are also many other involvements of olfaction in animal behavior, not the least being communication. The ...
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      Olfaction and Odours 

      McCartney, William (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1968)
      If we possessed a true, well established and undoubted theory concerning the function of the nerves in the human body, the principles of smell would be much easier to understand. So far, we do not know for certain whether ...
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      Olfaction and Taste XI 

      Kurihara, Kenzo; Suzuki, Noriyo; Ogawa, Hisashi (Springer, Tokyo, 1994)
      In this compendium of current studies on olfaction and taste - the most comprehensive yet to appear in this series - the chemical senses are elucidated from points of view ranging from anatomy, electrophysiology, molecular ...
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      Ontogeny of Olfaction 

      Breipohl, Winrich; Apfelbach, Raimund (Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 1986)
      The impacts of specifically experienced external and internal environments upon phylogenetically established pathways of ontogenetic development seem to be responsible for the intra-species variation of organisms. Therefore ...
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      Paranasal Sinuses 

      Gendeh, Balwant Singh (IntechOpen, 2017)
      This book emphasizes on five different sections of rhinology, namely, 'Surgical Anatomy', 'Dental-Related Diseases', 'Radiological Imaging', 'Nasal Spaces' and 'Surgical Training'. It incorporates new clinical and research ...
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      Peculiar Aspects of Rhinosinusitis 

      Marseglia, Gian Luigi (IntechOpen, 2011)
      Rhinosinusitis has both a great practical interest and a broad significance due to the scientific complexity of the pathogenetic problems related to the disease, not yet completely resolved, and their implications for ...