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dc.contributor.authorHeinbockel, Thomasen
dc.contributor.authorGendeh, Balwant Singhen
dc.description.abstractOur sense of smell is of critical importance in our daily lives and it contributes to our personal wellbeing and safety as well as communication with others. However, it is only when disease or injury impairs its function that we appreciate the relevance of this sensory modality. During the past three decades, research of the olfactory sense has seen an ever-growing interest in this exciting field of study. This book provides the reader with an overview of the latest developments in sino-nasal and olfactory system disorders and focuses on the most important evidence-based developments in this area. This book addresses disorders, dysfunctions, diseases, and syndromes of the olfactory system ranging from molecular, cellular, and systems to cognitive and behavioral topics. Individual chapters center around recent advances in specific areas of chemosensory pathological conditions, while other chapters focus on technological developments to study the function and dysfunction of the olfactory pathways.en
dc.rightsAcesso abertoen
dc.subjectTranstornos do Olfatoen
dc.subjectOlfaction Disordersen
dc.titleSino-Nasal and Olfactory System Disordersen
dc.description.noteChapters 1. Introductory Chapter: Dysfunction of the Olfactory System and Nasal Disorders 2. Imaging in Sinonasal Disorders 3. Sinusitis, Asthma and Headache 4. Septoplasty: Endoscopic and Open Techniques 5. REAHs and REAH-Like Lesions: Underdiagnosed lesions Often Misconfused with Nasal Polyps 6. Neuro-Olfactory Regulation and Salivary Actions: A Coordinated Event for Successful Blood-Feeding Behavior of Mosquitoes 7. Neurological and Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Relation to Olfactory Dysfunction 8. Cross-Modality Dysfunction between the Visual and Olfactory Systems in Parkinson’s Disease 9. Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks and Encephaloceles 10. Optical Fiber-Based Sleep Apnea Syndrome Sensor 11. 2D- and 3D-QSRR Studies of Linear Retention Indices for Volatile Alkylated Phenols 12. Smelling “Zuko”: Incense Rubbing into the Hands and Smelling the Hands Activates Specific Brain Regionsen

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