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dc.contributor.authorKummoona, Raja
dc.description.abstractNeck Dissection - Clinical Application and Recent Advances is a leading book in neck surgery and represents the recent work and experiences of a number of top international scientists. The book covers all techniques of neck dissection and the most recent advances in neck dissection by advocating better access to all techniques of neck dissection; e.g. Robotic surgery (de Venice) system, a technique for detection of lymph node metastasis by ultra sonography and CT scan, and a technique of therapeutic selective neck dissection in multidisciplinary treatment. This book is essential to any surgeon specializing or practicing neck surgery, including Head Neck Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons, ENT Surgeons, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Craniofacial Surgeons and also to all postgraduate Medical & Dental candidates in the field.
dc.subjectNeck Dissectionen
dc.subjectEsvaziamento Cervicalpt_BR
dc.subjectDissecação do Pescoçopt_BR
dc.subjectDissecção do Pescoçopt_BR
dc.titleNeck Dissection

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