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    Physiology, Ear 

    Sánchez López de Nava, Arturo; Lasrado, Savita (StatPearls Publishing, 2022-08-22)
    The human ear is the organ of hearing and equilibrium. It detects and analyzes sound by the mechanism of transduction, which is the process of converting sound waves into electrochemical impulses. Audition cannot take place ...
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    Hearing Loss: From Multidisciplinary Teamwork to Public Health 

    Wang, Tang-Chuan (IntechOpen, 2021-07-07)
    The auditory system is one of the finest structures in the human body. Although its anatomical structure is so small compared to other organs, without it, it would greatly affect a person’s basic life. Hearing loss, also ...
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    Meniere's Disease 

    Bahmad, Fayez (IntechOpen, 2020)
    Dizziness and vertigo are symptoms related to peripheral vestibular disorders. These are among the most common complaints in medical offices, and knowledge of the major diseases affecting this system is of fundamental ...
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    The Human Auditory System 

    Hatzopoulos, Stavros (IntechOpen, 2020)
    This book presents the latest findings in clinical audiology with a strong emphasis on new emerging technologies that facilitate and optimize a better assessment of the patient. The book has been edited with a strong ...
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    Advances in Rehabilitation of Hearing Loss 

    Zanetti, Diego (IntechOpen, 2020)
    This book covers some innovative aspects of the multifaceted and continuously evolving field of rehabilitation of hearing loss. International leading experts share their view and advanced experience on unilateral deafness, ...
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    Dizziness: A Resource 

    Anderwald, Ruth; Feyertag, Karoline; Grond, Leonhard (Sternberg Press, 2019)
    The feelings of dizziness and vibrations are closely related. Most people experience vibrations at one point or another, and some even frequently. The unmistakable feeling of the body vibrating can be overwhelming. More ...
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    Selected Topics in Facial Nerve Disorders 

    Al-Zwaini, Isam Jaber (IntechOpen, 2019)
    The facial nerve (seventh cranial nerve) is the nerve of facial expression. It innervates all superficial muscles of the face and scalp, the contraction of which is responsible for all our numerous facial expressions like ...
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    Management of Tinnitus 

    Wang, Tang-Chuan (IntechOpen, 2019)
    Tinnitus ("ringing in the ears") is a serious health condition that can negatively affect a patient's quality of life. Although there is presently no way to cure tinnitus, there are some good, well-established methods that ...
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    An Excursus into Hearing Loss 

    Hatzopoulos, Stavros (IntechOpen, 2018)
    The main objective of this volume is to diffuse the latest information related to hearing loss, which is among the most prevalent chronic disabilities worldwide. Nowadays, it is clear that the identification and rehabilitation ...
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    Up to Date on Meniere's Disease 

    Bahmad, Fayez (IntechOpen, 2017)
    Dizziness and vertigo are symptoms related to peripheral vestibular disorders. These are among the most common complaints in medical offices, and knowledge of the major diseases affecting this system is of fundamental ...
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    Event-Related Potentials and Evoked Potentials 

    Sittiprapaporn, Phakkharawat (IntechOpen, 2017)
    This edited volume Event-Related Potentials and Evoked Potentials is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters, offering a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the field of medicine and health ...
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    Advances in Clinical Audiology 

    Hatzopoulos, Stavros (IntechOpen, 2017)
    Advances in Clinical Audiology is an excursus on the latest findings in clinical audiology with a strong emphasis in new emerging technologies which facilitate and optimize a better assessment of the human patient. The ...
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    Auditory efferent system: new insights from cortex to cochlea 

    Delano, Paul H.; Elgoyhen, Ana B. (Frontiers Media SA, 2016)
    The main function of the sensory systems is the transducing of external stimuli into bioelectrical signals, which are conducted through afferent pathways from sensory epithelia to the brain. However, it is known that ...
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    Physiology, Psychoacoustics and Cognition in Normal and Impaired Hearing 

    Dijk, Pim van; Başkent, Deniz; Gaudrain, Etienne; Kleine, Emile de; Wagner, Anita; Lanting, Cris (Springer, Cham, 2016)
    The International Symposium on Hearing is a prestigious,triennial gathering where world-class scientists present and discuss the most recent advances in the field of human and animal hearing research. The 2015 edition will ...
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    Update On Hearing Loss 

    Bahmad, Fayez (IntechOpen, 2015)
    Update on Hearing Loss encompasses both the theoretical background on the different forms of hearing loss and a detailed knowledge on state-of-the-art treatment for hearing loss, written for clinicians by specialists and ...
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    Otitis Media With Effusion: Comparative Effectiveness of Treatments 

    Berkman, Nancy D; Wallace, Ina F; Steiner, Michael J; Harrison, Melody; Greenblatt, Amy M; Lohr, Kathleen N; Kimple, Adam; Yuen, Andrea (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (US), 2013)
    To compare benefits and harms of strategies currently in use for managing otitis media with effusion (OME). Treatment for OME may include single approaches alone or combinations of two or more approaches. We compared ...
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    Ringing ears: the neuroscience of tinnitus 

    Eggermont, Jos J; Roberts, Larry (Frontiers, 2012-08)
    Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) is a prevalent and often debilitating disorder with approximately 10% of people (incorporating ages from children to the elderly) perceiving it continuously, and in 1-3% of the population it ...
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    Cochlear Implant Research Updates 

    Umat, Cila (IntechOpen, 2012)
    For many years or decades, cochlear implants have been an exciting research area covering multiple disciplines which include surgery, engineering, audiology, speech language pathology, education and psychology, among others. ...
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    Hearing Loss 

    Naz, Sadaf (IntechOpen, 2012)
    Authored by 17 international researchers and research teams, the book provides up-to-date insights on topics in five different research areas related to normal hearing and deafness. Techniques for assessment of hearing and ...
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    Condutas Práticas em Otologia 

    Bento, Ricardo Ferreira; Fonseca, Anna Carolina de Oliveira; Pinna, Mariana Hausen; Brito, Rubens (Fundação Otorrinolaringologia, 2012)
    Esta obra é a síntese da experiência de 100 anos da Disciplina de Otorrinolaringologia da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo, no diagnóstico e tratamento das doenças do ouvido. Foi concebida para a cabeceira ...

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